Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Betty & Charlie enjoy a final sunset at our Horseneck Beach campsite in Massachusetts.

As we celebrate this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, Betty & I acknowledge that we have much to be thankful for! Our eldest son, Andrew, turned 37 yesterday (can’t believe he could be so old when his parents are so young! LOL), and our twins celebrated their 32nd birthdays this week – although Luke will be forever 8 minutes older than his younger sister, Lisa…  All of our family are a real blessing, and we look forward to FaceTiming with them later today as they gather at Andrew’s for a traditional? Thanksgiving dinner.

Vibrant fall colours are beginning to appear on New England trees.


In our last post, we referenced being stranded at Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Massachusetts, and are extremely thankful that Bobby & his pit crew at Warren Auto Repair in Fall River got our Smart car back on the road again. That

Inching our way to the George Washington Bridge

was immediately followed by a return to Major’s RV in Bourne, where they tackled some further electrical problems with our coach. If there was a silver lining in those delays, it was that we were able to see the beginnings of New England fall colours before we left.

At last we cross the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan to New Jersey.

Our plans for a quick trip down Interstate 95 through New York City came to a screeching halt as we experienced a big city traffic snarl that lasted a full six hours! Before we pulled into a Walmart  parking lot in Old Bridge, New Jersey for the night, I had been behind the wheel for a grueling 10 hours that day. But we are thankful that we survived and are able to tell

Finally over the bridge, a look back at the Manhattan skyline.

the tale, and that we don’t have to put up with that kind of traffic on a daily basis! Yikes!

The next day’s drive was far more pleasant as we worked our way down the Jersey Shore – through Atlantic City and Ocean City – until we reached the tip of the peninsula at Cape May, New Jersey. We found

Wide verandas wrap around Cape May beachfront properties.

a site at The Depot Travel Park in West Cape May, and spent a delightful day and evening exploring the picturesque beachfront town. For dinner we chose an Italian restaurant that served my favourite – Saltimbocca. But when I asked to see the wine

Our Italian restaurant in Cape May. BYOB!

list, the serving staff informed that they didn’t have one. I was directed to go to the liquor store next door, purchase whatever we wanted, and bring it back to enjoy with our meals. A much more reasonable approach than a limited wine menu at highly marked up prices. Again, we were thankful for that!


The beautiful Cape May beach.

From Cape May we boarded a ferry to Lewes, Delaware, and camped for the night at the nearby Rehoboth Beach. The full service campground, Delaware Seashore State Park, was nothing like I remember from childhood visits, and we were thankful that we were not staying for more than one night.

After Delaware we passed through

Our ferry leaves a frothy wake behind as we cross the Delaware Bay.

a number of states that border the coast, and with the assistance of Gavin and Betty Boop we added stickers for Delaware, Maryland and Virginia to our travel map. Arriving at Cape Hatteras a day early (or 3 days late, depending how you count it. LOL), Betty & I were thankful that the Oregon Inlet campground of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore was able to accommodate us with an electrical and water site near the beach.

The dramatic Chesapeake Bay bridge and tunnel system snakes across the sound to Virginia Beach
Our motorhome descends under the sea!












Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Betty & I remain thankful that we have the opportunity to enjoy this great adventure, and hope that we can share some of our journey, either directly or vicariously, with our dear family and friends in future.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Nothing to do in NYC for 6 hours but listen to audio books & take pictures of traffic. LOL
After 10 hours behind the wheel, I soldier on as the sun begins to set in front of me.
We earned our New York and New Jersey stickers that day!
Betty Boop gets in on the act, adding Maryland.
Gavin asks “What did Della wear?” LOL
The 23 mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel appears and disappears below the water’s surface between Delaware and Virginia.
Another pic from another tunnel, taken from the motorhome at 20,000 leagues under the sea. LOL


Betty points out that Virginia is for lovers.
Another brightly painted Cape May, New Jersey home. There are hundreds of them!
OK, here’s just one more. Cheers!

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