Betty’s Coach Creations

For the past few months, our motorhome has turned into a factory of sorts. New products are being created on a daily basis. And one never knows what to expect!

All colours and styles of socks can be found in Betty’s fun factory!

Fortunately, this factory isn’t one of those dirty, smelly types – no pollution here. Unfortunately, while other factories are intended to make money, this one costs!

Our granddaughter, Isabella, enjoys the quilt that so matches her personality!

All of our bills are relatively low as we shelter in place in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia for winter. Except for the fabric, wool, yarn, thread, and all related items Betty can find at a local store or on-line. It’s a high price to pay for this creative genius, but I guess it’s worth it in the end.  All of the “products” are give-aways to family and friends, and their appreciation puts smiles on our faces – payment enough!

Our other granddaughter, Georgia, peeks over the top of her new quilt, made for warmth with love from her Nana.

The day after my last post, North America got hit with a major winter storm, knocking out power in Texas, and stopping or slowing travel across the continent. In one of our favourite destinations – South Padre Island – the sea turtles needed to be rescued and warmed at the convention center, before being released back into the Gulf of Mexico. What an experience for them and their rescuers. We’ve visited the SPI convention center, but have never seen a slower moving crowd of delegates! lol

A rare snowfall blankets our campground in Nanaimo, B.C.

Nanaimo wasn’t left out of this winterland fun, as the attached pictures show. 

Having grown up in snowy Winnipeg, Charlie loved to roll in the white stuff!

For us, the snow lasted almost a week, and now those spring flowers are up and blooming. What a gorgeous sight!

I took this picture last week of these bright purple flowers in an outside garden at our campground.

In addition to her quilting, knitting, and sewing creations, Betty didn’t let us down on Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, or as our family tradition calls it “Pancake Tuesday”. Betty battered up for a delicious feast of “English pancakes” – the skinny, flat kind of crepes that we sprinkle in lemon and sugar, before rolling up and filling our pie holes. Lol  

We had no lemons on Pancake Tuesday, but limes worked just as well to cover these mouth-watering delights! (Sorry I didn’t dress for the occasion…)

Living in a factory might be considered an unpleasant experience. But our feet are warmed by hand-made bamboo and wool socks. If an evening chill arrives, we can wrap in any number of colourful, comfy quilts. And if and when we venture out, there are wide varieties of colourful masks to wear. What could be better!

From the Coach Creations Collection: A quilt for our grandson James, to wrap him in love until our return to Winnipeg.

Keep comfy and warm and stay safe. The winter’s almost over and Betty’s Colourful, Crafty, Coach Creations continue!

Have a warm cup of something, until the spring arrives!