An Avoiding Coronavirus Summer

Bring It On
Willie Nelson

"They say there is no game without pain
Well I must gaining a lot
But I'll give it all that I've got, to bring it on
Well it seems that I've been here before
So if this means that there is more, bring it on

It's written in the good book
That we'll never be asked
To take anymore than we can
Sounds like a good plan, so bring it on

To stress, or not to stress: That is the question. It is impossible for Betty or me to turn on the tv without being overwhelmed by information about the deadly coronavirus, along with stories of environmental, social, and political upset and unrest around the world.  At the same time, we are safely cocooned in our little home at Winnipeg’s Town & Country RV Park – a very quiet, stress-free, socially-distanced habitat. 

A 2020 day in the life at Winnipeg Beach’s dog beach.

Other than visits with our immediate family, and infrequent trips to the grocery stores, we haven’t ventured out much in the past few months. Betty talked me into one day trip to Winnipeg Beach, where Charlie enjoyed a romp at the off-leash dog beach. But otherwise we have been staying close to home. And enjoying it!

Can Charlie smile and carry a stick through the waves at the same time? Yes he can!
After his work-out at the beach, Charlie prepares for another work-out on his yoga mat. lol

Betty has continued her quilt-making, and I’ve been doing some maintenance and upgrades to our home on wheels.  Following are a few examples:

The latest from the Betty Reddoch quilt factory: A Green Bay Packers rag quilt, made with love for Kevin.
After washing, waxing, and buffing the whole motorhome, I painted each of the toppers black. The original colour-matched topper casings had been mistakenly removed by Camping World in Minnesota two years ago. I’ve been hating the white covers they installed ever since. Finally got around to painting them myself.
Two & a half hours to completely mask off the area around each topper, and 20 minutes to paint them…
The finished product, reflecting the high shine in the side of our coach. I have a dozen more pics, but Betty won’t let me post them. lol
OK. So here’s one at sunset, showing the front-end shine after finally removing all of the Diamond Shield coating. See June 29/19 post for the rest of the story. The headlight lens are polished with toothpaste: Best cleaner yet!
Not everyone will be as excited as me with the upcoming addition of a SeeLevel monitor that accurately tells us how much stuff is in our black, grey, propane, and fresh water tanks. With a bluetooth connection, I can even track our poop load on my phone. Yeah!!
We are also adding a pair of LED light bars that will light up off-road driving on BLM land, National Parks & Forests, and State & Provincial Parks.
As hoped, our black-eyed susans have been filling in the trellis at our campsite.
Early last month we did have an attack of the crows, who apparently like to pull the heads off marigolds and roll in them…
Betty got this pic of one of our colourful sunflowers.
This pic doesn’t do justice to the stunning passion flowers in our front yard.
A final garden shot, showing our lit-up runway leading to our palm tree.

There is much in the world for us and others to be stressed about – at least those of us who experience empathy for our fellow human beings.  But as eternal optimists, Betty & I see the potential for tremendous positive changes to come in our world, especially in the area of race relations. We are cautiously following Covid-19 protocols, maintaining our health in difficult circumstances, and are thankful for a quiet, safe location to park and rest our heads at night.

We are thankful to be safe and sound in our little home on wheels!

We hope and pray that if all the social and pandemic health issues don’t kill us, they will make us stronger and better equipped to be kind and loving to each other.


"And it's written in good book
That we'll never be asked
To take anymore then we can
Sounds like a good plan
So bring it on
Bring it on
Bring it on
It's just one more storm in the sea
Bring it on
Bring it on
Bring it on
It's just one more storm in the sea
So bring it on

Songwriters: Jerkins Iii / Nelson
Bring It On lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management, Warner Chappell Music Inc