Home at Town and Country

It is lovely to be back in Manitoba. I have to say it actually brought a tear to my eye when the border guard said welcome home.  Travelling is a passion for Graham and I ( and Gavin and Charlie) but there is a warmth in my heart when I return home. Hugs and kisses from family are the best!  Nothing quite compares to the wee arms of grandchildren and the somewhat larger arms of their parents. (Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I remember them as little children).

I have also been blessed by amazing friends and it is such a treat to get together for lunches and dinners and catch up on each other’s lives.

I have posted some shots of wee Gavin as he returns to his home , where he hangs out with his road buddy Betty Boop, and a special visit with his twin McKenzie and her friends! D

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  1. The Rally sounds like it was one of the best learning experiences for many future trips!! It is wonderful to meet people who share such similar interests, and who also offer suggestions and fabulous advice!! Looking forward to your arrival back to Canada! We are excited!!
    Love Christine

  2. Hi Betty and Graham!
    I cannot wait till your back on the road! I love travelling the road with you through this blog! Amazing Job at writing Graham!
    Love christine

    1. Thanks Christine. It was great to see you, Jack, Penny & Rick in Nashville. Glad to hear you got home OK!
      Love you guys!
      Graham & Betty

  3. Hi Betty, I stumbled across your blog after researching my family tree and think we might be related? I’m the daughter of Julie Hall, grand-daughter of Marjorie Hall (who was the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Grayson nee Blenkinsop). If you would be interested in getting in touch, it would be great to hear from you and my e-mail address is louisehallbooks@gmail.com. Best wishes.

    1. Yes indeed we are related! I have sent you an email with information. If you would like more please feel free to respond and I can fill you in. Hope your family is well.

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