Happy Canada Day 2020!

Canada Day 2020 is a steamy hot one in Winnipeg again this year, with temps in the 30s C. all week.

This is just a quick update on a few of our campsite improvements. Hope you can enjoy the day, even from a distance…

We had a heavy thunderstorm last night. The grass is green and the flowers are blooming. Still hoping for the trellis to fill in with black-eyed susan.
This is what some of our grass looks like up close and personal. There are a few bare and weedy patches that need to be overcome by the micro clover, but it’s getting there…
Our vertical garden is propped against a satellite dish stand, loaned to us by our neighbours, Brian & Henny. Thanks to our dear granddaughter, Isabella, for adding the musical notes, and the plant pot pics on the next photo!
The vertical herb garden is labelled and starting to grow, with the mint already dominating. Better make a rack of lamb to go with it!
It’s all looking like a place where we can stay for the summer. Cheers!