Trying To Outrun The Cold Front

As mentioned in our last post, a cold front is moving into Manitoba this week, so Betty & I have decided to move out. We are now in a race to stay ahead of the cold, which appears to be following us south. 

Lisa came to wish us well, before we headed out on the road.

We had one last enjoyable visit with some of our family before leaving Winnipeg. Our border crossing was uneventful, and we made our first stop in Fargo, North Dakota, to top up with gas and food.

Georgia is on the attack, while her Mom looks on.

After a quick power nap in the Walmart parking lot, we drove south on Interstate 29 to a rest area near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, arriving shortly after midnight. The next day we made it to Waubonsie State Park in Iowa, and felt the sun starting to warm us.

Our first stop: Fargo, North Dakota Walmart
Leaving the Sioux Falls, South Dakota rest area after our first night on the road.
Our Waubonsie State Park site 17 in Iowa included 50 amp service for $11. Most trees in the park still had their leaves.

Next was a side trip to Hamilton, Missouri, a small town that is home to 12 quilt shops! Who would have thought that people from all over the world would travel to this spot with a dozen stores focussed on all things quilting? I guess the answer to that is “Betty”. lol. 

Our full service site (#13) at A Country Charm RV Park came to $97.85 for 2 nights. If you want to see quilt pics, ask Betty. lol Note our guard dog on the dash..

After a couple of warm days at A Country Charm RV Park in Hamilton, the cold weather was starting to catch up to us, so it was time to leave. Passing through Kansas City, we headed down Interstate 49 to Joplin, Missouri. Thanks to a school project our granddaughter, Isabella, is working on, we stopped in at the National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum in Joplin, taking a tour, a few pics, and free cookie cutter samples along the way.

Betty stands at the entrance to the Cookie Cutter Museum. Despite the name, they don’t all look the same. lol
This vibrant maple tree was just outside the Joplin, Missouri museum. We passed many trees with beautiful fall colours along the way.

We had a warm night at a nice Interstate 44 rest area just east of Joplin, but the cold air continues to follow us. Time to keep going…

Andrew shared a warm laugh before we left.


Valerie contemplates the gathering at her home.
James watches as Charlie gives Nana a kiss.

Jersey cuddles up with Isabella as the cold weather approaches.

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