Change of Plans

One of the benefits of living in a home on wheels is we can move it if need be.

Too many negative numbers in the forecast. Time to leave…

This fall has been unusually wet and cold in Manitoba. Heavy rains in September caused the Red River floodway, that diverts water away from the City of Winnipeg, to be opened later in the year than ever in its history. Even so, the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, that converge in Winnipeg, are overflowing their banks. 

Even though Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park is only 5 minutes from our previous home in Winnipeg, Betty & I had never visited. We finally stopped by on one of the few nice days last month.

As previously mentioned, an early blizzard on October 11 brought down 3,000 trees in the city, as the leaves had not yet fallen and the weight of snow was too much for them. Thousands of residents lost hydro power, with some in the dark for almost three weeks. Some major city parks are still closed as the clean-up continues into November.

This old gate is all that remains of the original fort in downtown Winnipeg.

Betty & I had planned on leaving Manitoba on Nov. 8, after a Fleetwood Mac concert on the 7th. We have had good tickets for the concert since April and fully expected the weather to co-operate until we were ready to go. But then two nights ago the water froze in our motorhome. Time for a change of plans…

Where one of the old fort’s walls stood, this metal artwork, depicting the history of Winnipeg, lights up with thousands of LED lights at night.

The park where we have been staying this summer shut the water off to all of their sites a week ago, due to unseasonably cold forecasts. We have been drawing water from our fresh water tank and keeping our plumbing bay warmed with our furnace and a small supplementary heater. But somewhere between the fresh water tank and the water pump the line iced up, and we no longer had water to wash or flush.  Bad news!

One of Canada’s old railway hotels, the Fort Garry, overlooks the Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park site.

Looking at the long-range forecast, the temperature may go down to -12c or -13c during nights next week, with daytime temps never above the freezing mark. As much as we like Fleetwood Mac, and would have enjoyed further visits with family and friends, it’s time to get outa Dodge, as Betty would say.

As mentioned in our July 2, 2019 post on Truth & Knowledge, Louis Riel is now recognized as an early Manitoba leader, rather than a traitor.

Today we are parked at our daughter Valerie’s home. We have added another heater to our basement and topped up our fresh water tank. Tomorrow Betty & I have dinner reservations as we celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. And the day after tomorrow is splitsville!

The July 2, 2019 post also references how perspectives can change over time. This plaque at Upper Fort Garry acknowledges that fact.

Sometimes it’s necessary to carve our plans in sand rather than granite. This is one of those times when we need to just roll with the punches.  And as we roll on down the road, we hope you also can make the required adjustments to deal with whatever comes your way.


I took this sunset pic at our campground last week. It may be cold, but it’s still pretty amazing!

So long ago
Certain place
Certain time
You touched my hand
All the way
All the way down to Emmeline

But if our paths never cross
Well, you know I’m sorry but

If I live to see the seven wonders
I’ll make a path to the rainbow’s end
I’ll never live to match the beauty again
The rainbow’s end
” Seven Wonders, Fleetwood Mac

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