The RV Hall of Fame

Betty leads the way to the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana.
The RV Hall of Fame floor plan is designed like a road, with RVs of all ages, shapes and sizes along the way.

As full-time RVers, Betty & I encounter motorhomes, 5thwheels, and trailers of all shapes and sizes while traversing the continent. It’s always fun to see new and different features designed to make life on the road more enjoyable.  Some units are larger and can carry more “stuff”.  Some are smaller and more aerodynamic, achieving better fuel economy. There is no one size that fits all. Everyone has preferred features, and nowadays, RVs are manufactured with a broad range of possible accessories from which to choose.

A scale model of an RV assembly plant is on display.

It turns out that approximately 80% of North American RVs are manufactured or assembled in and around Elkhart, Indiana. So it is not untoward that Elkhart is the home of the RV Hall of Fame. And it also makes sense that dedicated RVers make pilgrimage to this site, if they are in the vicinity.

We are seeing more retro versions of this travel trailer on the road these days.

As mentioned in our last post, Betty & I crossed back into the U.S. at Detroit, Michigan and travelled southwest through Elkhart on our way past Chicago, under Lake Michigan, and up the other side to Canada again.  We had stopped in Elkhart on previous trips to tour motorhome assembly plants and purchase hard-to-find parts, but we had never visited the RV Hall of Fame. While this leg of our journey was relatively brief, Betty & I thought we’d take the time to check out the exhibits there.

One of the first exhibits visited was this 1913 Model T, with all-wood travel trailer.






Either an extra large toaster, or an early Airstream. lol
A 1964 Coachmen motorhome.
Betty examines a 1957 Teardrop trailer, which has returned to popularity.
A 1954 Holliday Rambler came well-equipped for its time.
This 1939 trailer was designed for aviator Charles Lindbergh.
This is a 1969 Pace Arrow by Fleetwood.
The Pace Arrow dash has evolved a little over the past 50 years.
One of my favourite vehicles was this 1931 housecar used by celebrity Mae West.
Mae West’s housecar had a back porch, just like some new toy haulers!
Betty checks out the 19′ 1967 Winnebago. (BTW, while I told one RV repair shop that we were from Winnipeg, our bill listed our address as Winnebago, QC. lol)
A 1974 GMC motorhome. The 1973 -78 models were well ahead of their time in styling and features.
Hundreds of toy RVs are on display at the RV Hall of Fame.
More miniature RVs on display at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana.

























If you catch the wanderlust, it is worthwhile to research all available options before choosing a mode of transportation. There are lots of RV choices out there, but whichever you opt for, enjoy some time exploring our great continent and its wonderful inhabitants.


Betty says “Indiana wants me. Lord I can go back there!”

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