Quintessential PEI

This pictorial post is intended to capture some – but not all – of the essential elements of Prince Edward Island. I am hoping to add to it before we leave.

Potatoes growing in the red earth. This scene alone would excite our daughter, Lisa, who is a potato aficionado. LOL
The stories of Anne of Green Gables have captured the imaginations of children (and adults) around the world. When we visited, there were 6 (Prevost) tour busses of visitors in the parking lot. (The Prevost H3-45s captured my imagination. LOL)
Fictional Anne’s fictional bedroom, realistically recreated… LOL
The birthplace of Lucy Maude Montgomery, author of the Anne of Green Gables series.
Little red dirt roads that lead to the edges of red cliffs. We unintentionally found ourselves on this cliff edge due to navigational errors. ’nuff said…
At the bottom of many of those cliffs, and all along the coastline, are beautiful fine sand beaches. This one is at our current campground at Panmure Island.
In the harbours along PEI’s long coastline are ships of all shapes and sizes. Two of these, in the Summerside harbour, were named after our granddaughter. LOL
And the fishing boats bring in the lobsters that are served at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers. BTW, lobster traps are everywhere on the island, and can be purchased at the side of the road for $5. Think how much we could save by catching our own lobsters! Betty says “No!”
All around the island we have seen spectacular sunsets. This one from our campsite at Cabot Beach Provincial Park.
Here is that Cabot Beach campsite during the day. There are many great provincial parks around the small island.
Another PEI sunset on another day. Betty & I have dozens of pics of PEI sunsets, but we think you need to see them in person to capture the full effect, so we’ll restrain ourselves from posting too many more….
I should write a segue to this bridge post, or is a bridge a segue. LOL. The bridge is now an icon for the link to PEI
OK, speaking of posts. Here is a post from PEI. How’s that for a segue! LOL (practicing my photography skills…) I can hear our kids groaning about how corny that is. And yes, they grow lots of corn on PEI, but I’ll save your sensibilities by not posting any pictures….


Our current campsite at Panmure Island, representative of the many great island sites that are available with little or no advance booking.
Charlie says: “Do I turn right or left to get to that beach?” LOL

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