A New Province – New Brunswick

Roadside stop in Chandler, Quebec

When we left our campsite near Gaspé, Betty & I had no idea how far we would travel that day. The road leading to Land’s End had been quite twisty and steep, and we weren’t sure if we would experience more of the same on the south shore of the Gaspé Peninsula. As it turned out, the terrain became calmer, and so did our nerves.

Charlie cools off.
Gavin takes a break at the beach

We took the time to rest at a roadside stop in Chandler, QC, with Charlie and Gavin both enjoying the sea and the sand. Our hoped for destination was Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec, but the campground turned out to be more popular than we expected, so we motored on.

Our free parking spot in Campbellton, N.B.

As it happened, we were happy to spend the night on the south bank, where the Restigouche River empties into the Bay of Chaleur. Campbellton, New Brunswick, was our first stop in this new province, and we shared a great conversation on the shore with Doreen & Frank from Cobourg, Ontario, who were on their way for an rv visit to Newfoundland.

Lunch stop for seafood at Grande-Anse, N.B.

From Campbellton we headed along the Bay of Chaleur to the Acadian Peninsula, stopping for a great seafood lunch by the wharf at Grande-Anse.  We then spent a couple of enjoyable nights at Colibre sur mer in Caraquet, New Brunswick, a pretty little city in the heart of New Brunswick’s Acadian population. We took the time to drive to the tip of the Acadian Isles, at Ile Miscou, for an ice cream cone by their famous lighthouse.

Calibre Sur Mer campground in Caraquet, N.B.
Adding a new sticker – New Brunswick – to our map
Lle Miscou lighthouse, at the tip of the Acadian Peninsula
Enjoying an evening on the shore of the Bay of Chaleur at Caraquet

The Caraquet campground turned out to be a peaceful stop for a nice stroll along the waterfront while we watched the sun go down over the Bay of Chaleur; a calm day in a new province…


Another beautiful sunset over the Bay of Chaleur

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