How Many Pictures of Percé Rock Can We Post?

Descending to the end of the world, with Bonaventure Island in the background.

While all of the Gaspé Peninsula is quite charming and beautiful, the best known destination in the region is Percé, home of the Percé Rock. It is at the tip of an area called Land’s End, and you literally need to drive to the end of this world to see it. Yes, it’s a long drive, but it’s worth it!

It’s a 17% grade down to the end of the world. Just don’t try to get back up! LOL

The rock is surprisingly visible from far and near. Wherever we went in the area, we seemed to be at a great vantage point for seeing, and therefore taking pictures of, this uniquely shaped piece of stone. Hence the title of this post. LOL. As an aside, many of the ads for hotels and motels in the city claimed great views of the Percé Rock, and I was sceptical, until I saw how geographically layered the town is, and how prominent the boulder is!

OK. Here it is!

The town of Percé appears to be a very thriving little tourist town, with busy restaurants and gift shops all up and down their main street. I’ve had a hankering for fresh baguettes and pastries for some time now, and we finally found a bakery that didn’t disappoint!  The most impressive area was the waterfront, where a

On the waterfront

government at some level has invested significantly in designing a most attractive, accessible boardwalk, with stylish seating, swings, picnic tables, benches, and even garbage cans! (Check out the attached pic.) Of course the rock is the prime feature of the waterfront, with tour boats continuously

A Perce garbage can & bench. The rest of the area was nice too…

ferrying people out and about the natural structure and nearby Bonaventure Island.

We returned to our campsite with over 100 pictures from today’s adventure. The inevitable question was, and is, how many can we post? Well, how about 7 or 8…


Bet takes a picture of the rock
Another view…
Even the Camping Cote Surprise had a great view from their campsites. We didn’t stay there, but would the next time…
This building has had the best view of Perce Rock since 1888!
Entering the town of Perce
The many layers of Perce above the waterfront create an outdoor amphitheatre, with Perce Rock on centre stage.
Approaching from the other direction
Picture taken from a moving car, to also catch the wildflowers on the side of the road
Tour ships at the wharf, with Bonaventure Island in the background
Perce Rock from a distance, as we travel back to our campsite
OK, this last one isn’t Perce Rock, it’s the view from our current campsite that we wake up to every morning…


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