La Belle Province

Montmorency Falls, at the foot of the bridge to Île d’Orléans

Back in the day, the motto on Quebec license plates identified it as “the beautiful province”. More recently, the tag is “Je me souviens” meaning “I remember”. Not sure what I remember yet, but I do know that this is one beautiful province!!

After our stay in Rigaud, we braved Montreal traffic, coming out the other side for a nice Boondockers Welcome stay in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Our sweet host there, Lisette, invited us in for tea & cookies before a quiet rural night’s stay. The next day we topped up at

Our Boondockers Welcome site, east of Montreal

Drummandville Costco (in preparation for Bet’s 65thbirthday celebrations) and headed for Quebec City, ending at a Harvest Host winery – Vignoble Domaine L’Ange Gardien– just east of the city.

This winery is simply fabulous –

Vignoble Domaine L’Ange Gardien winery

from the wine-tasting, to meeting and chatting with the proprietor, to settling into our free camp spot with a fresh baguette, a bowl of Betty’s chili, and a glass of fine wine! The pictures don’t do justice. It doesn’t get better than that!

Except for the fact that we arrived early enough to take our Smart car for a zip around Île d’Orléans, an island in the St. Lawrance River off the coast of Quebec City, both assessing the capacity of the roads to handle our motorhome,

Free overnight parking at a fabulous French-Canadian winery! OK, we did spend a little to top up our wine rack…

and checking out a campground where we could stay to celebrate Betty’s milestone birthday (not to put too fine a point on the date. LOL). After a most scenic drive on roads too narrow for the Boy, we arrived at Camping Orleans on the island’s eastern tip, and after confirming that a wider road could be used for access, we booked a site.

Now it must be remembered here that everyone it seems, but us, is speaking

Our site (204) appropriately… at Camping Orleans. (For those not from Manitoba, 204 is our telephone area code.)

French, and some of the local French Canadian inhabitants don’t speak English. When the campground attendant told me the price of our site was two thousand, one hundred and fifty dollars, I almost freaked out, until the person in line behind me corrected his placement of the decimal point. OK, we can handle $215. for our stay in this gorgeous park in this beautiful province! LOL

Either the roads are built close to the homes, or the homes are built close to the roads. In any event, there are lots of cyclists to add to the tight quarters.
At the winery, my glass is identified by the charm created by our dear granddaughter, Isabella.

We look forward to posting more pictures of this quaint island and the nearby historic city. I’m sure our adventure will create many long-lasting remembrances of la belle province!

à votre santé


In a field of dreams!
Not sure how our motorhome & Smart car made it up this hill to the winery, which is a sharp right turn in front of the white buildings. Note the stop sign at the top of the hill…
A little piece of wine-lover paradise near Quebec City!

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