Nous sommes arrivés au Québec

According to Google, the title of this post says we have arrived in Quebec, but

Our site at Camping Choisy in Rigaud, Quebec

everything here is written in French, so I don’t know for sure… LOL.  This is when we really need our kids and/or grandkids to accompany us as translators.  OK, it would also be great fun to have them here to share the experience of visiting this most unique Canadian province. (I suppose, to be sensitive to the Quebec separatists, I should distinguish it from the other Canadian provinces by calling it this unique land– this unique nation seems just a little too far… LOL)

In any event, we are at Camping Choisy, just west of Montreal. The heat wave is continuing, and we are thankful for good 50 amp service that has allowed us to run both air conditioners throughout the night. It is a large campground on the Riviere Raquette, and it has 2 piscines, so we are hoping to go swimming today, if that is appropriate to do in a piscine… I sure hope it doesn’t mean bathroom! LOL

Quebec gets added to our confederation. Yeah!

Betty is now able to affix another sticker to our map of North America, and we are looking forward to posting more pictures and stories from this great, unique (please choose one of the following: province, land, nation, other…)



à votre santé


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