Wildlife – Or Lack Thereof…

Watch For Wildlife!

Somehow, on most of our trips we fail to see a lot of wildlife. This particular journey is no exception. Despite big yellow signs on the roadside, advising us to watch for deer crossing, moose, bear, elk, pelicans, whatever… they generally see us before we see them, and go the other way.

There have been a few exceptions, and this post pays tribute to the wild side.

Jack the rabbit
(look closely…)


Ok, to begin, here’s the little jackrabbit that ran past our site in Lake Pleasant, north of Phoenix. Another exception is all the wildlife we saw in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Otherwise, the desert in New Mexico and Arizona seemed empty of wildlife during the day. Despite lots of holes, we have seen no snakes, squirrels, chipmunks, or prairie dogs on this trip.

Apparently Betty saw a roadrunner, but didn’t have her camera with her at the time. They must be out there somewhere, because there are hotels, bars, cafés, and even a famous cartoon featuring the elusive scrawny animal. She also saw a skunk at the campsite next to ours last night, and I saw a raccoon having dessert in the dumpster when I was dropping off a deposit the other day. In both cases, no camera…

As might be expected, the most wildlife we saw was at the Grand Canyon, where deer, moose, and elk actually did cross our path in small and large numbers. Only one picture, though…




Just in case you’ve never seen a jackass, these donkeys run wild in Lake Pleasant Park. Oh yes, we saw a craven at the Petrified Forest National Park, and a cardinal at our campsite in Palo Duro Canyon. While on the subject of birds, this gaggle? (gobble?) of wild turkeys kept coming by our site at Palo Duro, to ask if it’s thanksgiving yet. One of these days I might just have


to borrow a gun from one of our local Texas cowboys, and make like a pilgrim. LOL.

Well, as you can tell, this is a pretty lame, short post. We still have another week before we get home, so maybe the wildlife is all waiting to say hi at the big yellow signs that


still lie ahead. Or maybe they just can’t read!  LOL


talking turkey
unidentified non-human objects…
more rare wildlife…

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