Almost Ready. Did We Leave Anything?

When we break camp, we have a tradition of walking the site to ensure we haven’t left behind any tent pegs, garbage, etc. We always want to leave the campsite as clean, if not cleaner, than when we arrived.

Likewise, when we leave a home we’re visiting, we make the rounds to ensure we’re not leaving personal items behind. During this holiday season, we’ve been visiting each of our kids before heading out on the road. Did we leave anything behind? Well yes, as I visit almost every room I see items that were most recently in our home. Do they stay or do they go? It’s taking much more mental gymnastics to remember the answer!

Ultimately, the “to go” list must reduce:
Wife – check, dog – check, passports & credit cards – check, Hawaiian shirts, shorts and flip flops – check.

OK, we’re good to go!

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