Home at Town and Country

It is lovely to be back in Manitoba. I have to say it actually brought a tear to my eye when the border guard said welcome home.  Travelling is a passion for Graham and I ( and Gavin and Charlie) but there is a warmth in my heart when I return home. Hugs and kisses from family are the best!  Nothing quite compares to the wee arms of grandchildren and the somewhat larger arms of their parents. (Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I remember them as little children).

I have also been blessed by amazing friends and it is such a treat to get together for lunches and dinners and catch up on each other’s lives.

I have posted some shots of wee Gavin as he returns to his home , where he hangs out with his road buddy Betty Boop, and a special visit with his twin McKenzie and her friends! D

They rembered me!

The colours don’t show up very well on this piece of petrified wood. It resembles a log but is as hard as stone and the colours resemble fine granite. Just beautiful!


Hi everyone. As you can see we have arrived in beautiful warm Quartzsite. I have to post two of Gavin’s pictures because I couldn’t fit the whole sign in and be able to identify that he was there! Take good care and hope you are all cozy in your nice homes.

Gavin and Charlie are sad to go!

As Graham has so aptly posted it was very sad to leave the Island. The people we have met on the road have been amazing, friendly, and warm.

It is very hard to wrap my head around the fact that I am not returning to the lovely basement office I shared with the amazing Christine and Colleen. This is a very new experience for me and I’m not altogether  sure how I feel. On one hand I am so very happy to be retired but on the other hand I have so much to tell my friends back home about the adventure we have had and get back to the reality of women’s health. On the other hand I have no desire to return to the busyness. I’m sure that eventually I will be able to sort out these confusing feelings.  Never fear I am working just as hard on the relaxed life style as I did on practice guidelines!

So I will say goodbye for now. Charlie and Gavin are in the drivers seat and we are all set to go.

🎶 on the road again🎵  (Willie)


Gavin’s ongoing adventure

We are here!   The best part is we get to stay here for the next six weeks. We will have to change sites once but that’s ok. We’ll be closer to the beach. I got to take off my hat to let the sea breeze blow over my head. Don’t worry Joanna lots of sunscreen applied!

Betty and Charlie are going for long walks along the beach in the early mornings while Graham and I get our beauty sleep. This must be paradise!