One Frickken Big Hole!

As previously reported, Betty doesn’t swear. But today was another one of those occasions on our overlandish adventure when an exclamation was more than appropriate. We have just returned from the Grand Canyon and are trying to put words to what we have just seen. In an unusual turn of events, words escape us both! LOL

Of course everyone who has been raves about this one of seven natural wonders of the world. Ya, ya, can the reality live up to the hype? Well, yes it can! I limited myself to 87 pictures from the southern rim of the canyon, which stretches 446 river km long, up to 29 km wide, and 1.6 km deep. This post only includes seven pictures, but we’re not yet ready to delete the rest!

Even though we were looking into the same abyss every few feet, we seemed to be seeing it differently each time. The way the light changed throughout the day; the variations in rock formations; the changing colouring and striations on the cliffs, all affected our visual experience. It was one “wow” moment after another for the 20 km we hiked today. Ya, it was a great workout!

On return to our campsite at the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel RV Park in Williams, Arizona, we selected the pictures to add to this post, knowing that none of them fully capture the panoramic experience at the cliff face.

Millions of people from around the world visit the Grand Canyon every year. While some people take the train from Williams, others see the park via helicopter or mule ride down a steep path in the cliff. Some hire 4x4s to take them to the bottom, while others go white water rafting down the Colorado River at the base of the canyon. All of these are expensive propositions, and we have to admit to connecting to our thrifty Scottish roots and our fixed income.

We used the America the Beautiful pass purchased in New Mexico, so entry to this National Park didn’t cost us anything extra. We used our Passport America membership at the campground, so we received half off the regular price for accommodation. We left our motorhome in the campground and drove our Smart car through the park, so parking was always convenient, and when I topped up the tank at Pilot, I was able to use my Flying J card to get 6 or 8 cents off a gallon. A very economical visit!

Betty & I are visiting the Grand Canyon for another day and a half, before moving on to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, so don’t be surprised if you see more pics of this natural wonder. And don’t be surprised if you hear Bet exclaim again “That’s a frickken big hole!”


A special note from Betty: We are having a discussion on how to spell my word…is it frikken or frickin or frickken? What are you thoughts? 😛

Our First Harvest Host

When we were planning our grand adventure, I discovered a number of accommodation options for RVers. Tonight we are staying at our first Harvest Host location, a working 300 acre farm about half way between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. Other Harvest Host locations include wineries, historic properties and roadside cafés across North America.

We are essentially boondocking for free in the parking lot of Mortimer farms, which also has a bakery, café, kids play area and country store selling meat, preserves, wine, and seasonal vegetables. The staff couldn’t be more friendly and welcoming!

For lunch we had sandwiches on steaming freshly baked buns, and finished with fresh tasty pastries. I picked up both grass fed and grain finished rib eye steak, and am really looking forward to comparing them at our next official campsite in Williams, Arizona.

In fine-tuning our itinerary, we now ensure we consider Harvest Host locations, especially since plugging into shore power isn’t a requirement. Yeah solar!

Another great addition to our overlandish odyssey. Cheers!

Easter Weekend In Phoenix

Major holidays for us have always been times for family gatherings, so it was a bittersweet experience for Betty and me to be thousands of miles from our children and grandchildren during the Easter weekend. Despite how much we enjoy the hot weather and unique scenery, we miss our family, and were so relieved to be able to see them all together for Easter dinner through the marvels of FaceTime. There is no doubt it was the highlight of our weekend!

On arriving in Phoenix, we chased off the Quartzsite desert dust by treating our motorhome to a full service wash and hand dry, back to its sparkling full body paint job. Yeah! We then checked into the Phoenix Metro RV Park, in close proximity to all local attractions, and took advantage of the on-site laundromat and swimming pool to freshen up our clothes and ourselves.

Feeling refreshed we went on a tour of the town, although it was a very quick visit.  The attached downtown pictures were taken by Betty from a moving car in moderate traffic, so please excuse the shaky framing… As we exited a tunnel into the downtown, I was reminded of a Christian Worthington painting we have in Winnipeg, showing Lazarus transitioning from darkness to light – a very dramatic image. Because we were leaving Phoenix on Easter Sunday morning, Betty & I attended a Saturday evening service where we were again inspired by the recounting of Jesus’ transition from death to life. Hallelujah! He is risen!

Our next stop was the Lake Pleasant Regional Park, just north of Phoenix, where we found another picturesque campsite with more dramatic backyard sunsets over the surrounding mountains. You may tire of seeing so many sunset pictures, but we continue to be amazed at the beauty of the land and sky as the sun goes down each night! Being Easter Sunday, we ended the day with a fabulous feast of lamb (with mint sauce, of course), potatoes and asparagus, all cooked on our trusty barbie, and paired with a bottle of Mouton Cadet, a tasty Bordeaux.

It was such a treat to see our whole family together at Adam & Lisa’s new home when we called. A marvelous happy feast was being prepared, and it warmed our hearts to see everyone. While we are off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow, with many great adventures still to come, we look forward to sharing hugs and kisses in person next month on our return.

Much love and cheers!

Lake Pleasant Regional Park