Gavin visits our nation’s capital

On another hot and steamy day, Gavin took time out of his busy schedule to make appearances at the Supreme Court of Canada, Parliament Hill, and the Chateau Laurier Hotel, among other stops. (OK, they weren’t actual stops… The pictures were taken from a moving Smart car as we wizzed down Wellington Street. LOL)

Gavin makes his case before the Supreme Court of Canada. Hats off to him!!
We had a hard time holding Gavin back from addressing Canada’s parliament! Look who’s younger than Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill now!
Here’s Gavin about to check in at the Chateau Laurier, next to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Can’t wait for better room service!
Approaching the Chateau Laurier Hotel, which was pictured on Canada’s old $1 bills (now out of circulation). Graham often stayed at the hotel on visits to Ottawa, and used to circle the 7th window from the right on the 5th floor, on the back of the currency, to show people his room. LOL
Two members of the Queen’s Guard are on the lookout for Gavin at Rideau Hall

Heid’s RV Rocks! Hitch House not so much…

Update to The Best Laid Plans…  Before arriving at McRae Provincial Park, we spent the night and day at Hitch House, a large motorhome dealership between Barrie and Orillia, hoping that their service department could fix our living room slide that had failed to retract at Pancake Bay.  Despite making the appointment as soon as it stopped working, Hitch House staff didn’t actually look at our coach, but spent the time searching on-line for a replacement slide motor, which apparently they couldn’t find.  So we spent our visit with family and friends in a reduced living space, hoping that the repair would be completed at the end of our stay.

When I called Hitch House on Tuesday, I was told they were unable to find a motor, and we would have to wait until a week Wednesday for them to check the breaker, which was the other possible cause of the failure to slide.  Instead, we visited Heidi’s RV at 3982 Hwy 11 South, RR#2 Hawkstone, ON, and although they only have 1 motorhome tech on staff, they fit us in right away – even though they were extremely busy – fixed the problem (a wiring issue, not a dead motor) and had us on the road again in less than 2 hours! Yeah for Heidi’s!! Not so much Hitch House

Also, Weber came through with the replacement bbq hose, which Andrew shipped to Orillia, along with TireMInder locking nuts from Minder Research, and other mail. Yeah for Weber, Minder Research, and especially our son Andrew!!

That’s all the excitement we can handle for now. Here’s hoping that our overlandish odyssey is able to continue without too many more things going awry.


Great Heat, Meet & Greet

Ontario’s humid heat wave continued this week, as we met up with family and old friends in and around Orillia. Pictured below are some of the highlights:

Lunch at the Mariposa Market in Orillia with Ann & Frank

Deb &  Rob, Betty & I almost missed meeting up with Ann & Frank, as they were on a different level of a very large Orillia restaurant.

Ann, Betty & Deb all went to the same Toronto high school. They reminisced while checking out year-book pictures at Deb’s home in Orillia.
Ann & Betty have been friends for over 50 years! How is that possible for such beautiful, young ladies?
A very talented and thoughtful Debbie made quilts for Betty and me. Betty’s shows caricatures of nurses, while mine depicts places from our overlandish odyssey. Can you spot Charlie photobombing? LOL
Charlie is happy to visit with Deb, Betty & Rob
Rob shows us his boat at their condo’s dock

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day from hot & steamy McRae Point Provincial Park, near Orillia, Ontario.  Temp is 87f and climbing! 

Happy Canada Day!
Our campsite at McRae
Preparing to host family & friends
Rob, Heather, Bill, Betty, Deb & Graham share a laugh
Max & Teo cool off
Amy, Betty, Heather & Deb at the lake. (Bet, Heather & Deb went to high school together.)
Our beautiful niece, Amy, with her wonderful partner, Brian, visited us at the beach on Canada Day